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Digitisation creates new opportunities for the Nordic life insurance industry

Many established actors realize that they can not carry out the digital transformation on their own. Therefore, there has been an insight into the need to act through different types of partnerships. Read more →

Already several blockchain players challenging the insurance industry

Now we begin to see the first challengers in the insurance industry using the blockchain technology. We have searched for companies that can become challenger for the insurance industry using the blockchain technology in one way or another. We follow and try to learn from them.Do not miss anything; follow how digitalization affects the insurance industry by following Itello Insight's theme Digitalization Read more →

Blockchain - Has the potential to change the Nordic life insurance and pension industry!

Itello needed to learn more about the underlying technology identify different blockhain platforms and evaluate the pros and cons of technology compared to more traditional system solutions. This is our findings right now! Read more →

Morning Insights - Digital Trends in Life and Pension

The analyst company Celent's senior Insurance analyst Nicolas Michellod described today's views on the digital trends that affect the life and pension industry at our breakfast meeting Morning Insights. Read more →