About Cookies and personal information

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is sent from our web server and which is saved on your computer. The text file is not harmful and contains no program code. Cookies are used on many websites to give visitors access to different functions and to provide statistics on how visitors move about on the website. No cookies contain information that can be linked to an individual person or IP address.

What different types of cookies are there?

There are two types of cookies. Session cookies are only used during your visit to a website. The cookie is stored temporarily in your computer’s memory and automatically disappears when you close your web browser.

The other type of cookie (permanent cookie) is saved for a longer time and has an expiry date. When the date is passed the cookie is automatically erased when you return to the website that created it. Itello uses both types of cookies.

How does Itello use cookies?

Here are examples of how Itello uses cookies on the different websites:

  • For more reliable visit statistics.
  • To make usage easier when e.g. forms have to be filled in.
  • For the comments feature.
  • For logging in and security at customer portals.

Analysis tool for the website

The web analysis tool, Google Analytics, which is used on this website uses cookies. Cookies collect information at an aggregated level about how visitors use the website e.g. the number of page viewings, where our visitors come from and the number of visits with the aim of improving the website and provide a good  user experience. The information generated through your use of the website is forwarded to and stored by Google, Inc. IP addresses are stored, but cannot be distinguished.

Google can transfer the collected information to third parties if it is required according to the law or in those cases a third party handles the information on behalf of Google. Google cannot connect the same IP addresses with other data that it holds.

If you do not want to accept cookies no information is gathered.

Third party cookies

Itello may also use third party cookies. These come from companies we cooperate with e.g. for statistics and functions in order that our visitors are able to share and distribute information. These cookies cannot be linked to an individual person or IP number.

How do you block cookies?

If you want to prevent cookies on your computer, you can do this by setting in your browser’s security or privacy settings so that it block cookies or be informed whether a website contains cookies. Instructions on cleaning cookies in your web browser are available on Google’s help pages. Here are step-by-step guides for the most common browsers.

Have you any questions?

If you have any questions about how Itello handles cookies you are welcome to contact info@itello.se. You can find additional information about cookies at Post- och telestyrelsen.

Treatment of personal data

Handling personal information


The handling of personal information submitted to Itello on this website is processed in order that Itello fulfils agreements on delivery of information, for administration like user name and password, administration and distribution of requested information as well as directed information and marketing efforts by Itello, and Itello’s partners and for analyses of Itello’s activities and development of products and services.

Personal data responsibility

Itello AB, corporate ID number 556638-5968, is responsible for the customer data processed by Itello.

Disclosure of data to others

Handling of certain information may also take place at Itello’s partners to the extent that they are engaged by Itello for such treatment.
What data is processed? Information on name, personal identity number, registered and invoice address, telephone or subscription number, etc. and information relating to enquiries, application documents and the like.

"Blocking" of marketing

If you do not wish your personal data treated for purposes directly related to marketing a notification of this can be sent to an be sent to:
Itello AB
Regeringsgatan 28
SE 111 53 Stockholm


Such a notification must be in writing and contain details of name, e-mail address and company/organisation.

Correction of incorrect personal information

Requests for correction of personal information can be made at info@itello.se  

Stockholm 11-04-2012