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SPP winner of Trophy of the Year 2017

SPPs replacement of trading platform for mutual funds won the prestigious award of the Trophy of the Year 2017 from Itello.At Itello's annual summer pub, more than 180 people gathered from the industry to celebrate the summer and find out which of Itellos projects won the winning prize of the year's trophy.See the photos from the event! Read more →

Mats Lillienberg, new CEO of Itello

The board of Itello AB has appointed Mr Mats Lillienberg as the new CEO from May 8th. Mr Lillienberg has over 30 years long and successful experience from product companies in the software industry serving financial institutions including the life insurance and pension sector. Read more →

Inca 18.1 - No Strings Attached

GDPR affects us all. For our life insurance customers, it means that they can no longer save information about their customers for any length of time. They are entitled to be unconnected and disconnected from their information - no strings attached. Read more →

Highest credit rating AAA for the 10th consecutive year for Itello

Stability and long-term characteristic of the fine-tech company Itello's operations, AAA rating for the 10th consecutive year, creates security for our customers and employees. Read more →

Occupational pension procurement of ITP completed

13 life insurance companies participated in the procurement of the new five-year agreement within the ITP agreement - today we found out which ten companies were selected. Read more →

Integration into Nasdaq Nordic Fund Market reduces risks and increases efficiency

Itello now offers an integration to the Nordic Fund Market provided by Nasdaq. It facilitates execution of fund orders, reduces administrative risks and reduces costs in the Swedish, Norwegian and Finish mutual fund markets. Read more →

Digitisation propels new collaborations in the Swedish insurance market

In the report The Next wave of Fintech, the future looks bright for Swedish insurtech players. Customers request personalized and cheaper insurance solutions. Read more →

Itello CEO Per Agélii resigns

Per Agélii has, after consultation with Itello’s Board of Directors, chosen to resign from his position as the CEO of the company. Read more →

Strong growth for Itello 2016/2017

The Swedish Fintech company Itello - provider of Policy Administration System and digital solutions for the Nordic life and pension industry, delivered strong sales growth for the latest fiscal year. The growth was generated from the industry's accelerating development and Itello's dominant position as a facilitator for this change. Read more →

Nordea Liv & Pension renews its occupational pension line with help from Itello

Nordea Liv & Pension Sweden is in an offensive business development phase within the occupational pension business line, with innovative thinking in several areas. An important part of the renewal is Nordea's choice of Itello's industry-leading product Inca to modernize parts of its IT support. Read more →