Consultancy Services

We offer solutions for the customer's operational and business development, regardless of the need. Examples of our services are:

· Actuary Support and Guidance                     
· Business Analysis
· Software Support and Guidance
· Needs Assessment
· Industry and Trend Analysis
· Business Intelligence
· Establishment of Business Case/ROI/TCO
· Establishment of IT-roadmap
· Change Management
· Integration Support and Guidance
· Configuration of Itello’s Products
· Requirement Analysis
· Process Optimisation
· Process Mapping
· Project Management
· Guidance according to Industry Best Practice
· Developer Support and Guidance Business Support and Guidance

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Our consultants have many years of experience from life insurance and other insurance industries, as well as experience with many aspects of IT. We have a broad spectrum of expertise in everything from change management and business development to application expertise and systems. You can both experience longer project commitments but also experience shorter projects involving experts for management tasks. We are of course experts in all of Itello's products but can also help you with other challenges and opportunities.

We are eager to help you reach your business goals. We have long relationships with our customers and always deliver with a long-term focus in mind for the customer in our commitments and projects.

By utilising our expertise, as a customer you can maximise your business offerings via cost minimisation, process streamlining and harnessing new business potential - usually through a combination of operations and IT.